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Bonnie is fighting for us.

As our Congresswoman, Bonnie Watson Coleman has:

Worked to provide economic stimulus for families in need during this unprecedented global pandemic.

Fought to expand healthcare coverage to ALL AMERICANS including primary care, maternity care, hospital visits, and dental and vision care. Under her plan, medical devices, lab services, and prescription drugs would also be covered.

Led the charge to create legislation that would expand the definition of frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis and increase the pay of those essential heroes.

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Endorsed by:

Human Rights Campaign

Foundation National Organization for Women PAC


South Jersey Black Political Caucus

Emgage PAC

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Bonnie represents our shared democratic values. She is an advocate for hardworking families and cares deeply about the direction our nation is headed. We need her passion and her strong commitment to the American people to ensure that each and every individual has an opportunity to obtain the American Dream.

"We are at a critical moment in our country's development. Our work has never been more important."

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman