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EWING- Bonnie Watson Coleman today announced her gun safety policy priorities in her campaign for Congress.  Watson Coleman is the Democratic nominee in November 4th’s election for New Jersey’s Twelfth Congressional District representative.  Watson Coleman previously released her positions on women’s rights, including pay equity and health care, as well as job creation.

“We have a responsibility to take action to ensure our neighborhoods are safe, not just for today, but also for future generations,” said Watson Coleman.  “Preventing gun violence through common sense gun safety reforms is a critical component of any plan to effectively protect all of our communities.  If elected to represent the Twelfth Congressional District on November 4th, I will work to pass stronger gun safety laws at the federal level, including requiring comprehensive background checks and a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips.”

Watson Coleman’s positions on gun safety can also be found at this site http://www.bonnieforcongress.com/gun_violence


Stories of gun violence are palpable in every community and there are no borders. As a society, we must do more to change the story by passing stronger gun control laws.

Bonnie Watson Coleman understands that too often senseless killings could have been prevented if common sense gun measures were in place. We need comprehensive background checks. Only responsible people should own guns. We must ban assault weapons and ban high-capacity ammunition clips. There is simply no need for an individual to carry the capacity to kill so many people.

Bonnie Watson Coleman believes that our goal should be to cultivate and preserve healthy communities. We must foster safe and nurturing environments for our children to grow and thrive. To be successful, we must reinforce the message of peace.  Absent sufficient gun control laws, we risk the systematic dismantling of our communities.

That is why Bonnie Watson Coleman supported legislation that limits ammunition magazines in New Jersey to ten rounds. She introduced legislation that requires prospective buyers to undergo background checks, through a federal dealer before purchasing firearms. Bonnie also introduced legislation to clarify that cars containing illegal firearms may be seized by police. These bills are common sense measures that would reduce gun violence and go a long way to protect the residents, especially the children of New Jersey. In Congress, Bonnie Watson Coleman will continue to work tirelessly to save lives by fighting for sensible gun control laws.


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Michael Adams Frank Cipolla Franko Uppie Soniya Sharma alex jouan matty Orlando Gonzales Susan Burdett Ali Carol Burns