“Education is the great equalizer.”
-Bonnie Watson Coleman

Bonnie Watson Coleman is committed to providing every child with the opportunity to receive a quality education. Our children should love learning. To create a safe and engaging environment that encourages critical thinking, schools and families need support. Bonnie Watson Coleman is a strong advocate for our public school system. She believes in the guarantee of equal education to all children and the diversity that is promoted by public schools. Bonnie Watson Coleman believes that a strong public school system is critical to the United States maintaining its high standard of education. Bonnie Watson Coleman recognizes that while charter schools may serve specific niches and limited purposes, they should not be a replacement for the public school system.

Bonnie Watson Coleman believes that providing our children with access to higher education or vocational education is critical to our nation’s advancement. But, education must be affordable. To this effort, Bonnie Watson Coleman is a strong supporter of Pell Grants and tuition forgiveness programs that reduce the high burden of obtaining degrees. In addition to affordable education, our children should be exposed to trade and vocational opportunities early.  

Through her tenure as the Assembly Majority Leader, Bonnie Watson Coleman ensured that New Jersey not only invested in our public schools, but that appropriations were thoroughly matched with higher education grants for financial assistance with public colleges, universities, and vocational schools. Bonnie Watson Coleman will continue to stand with schools and parents as we work to provide quality education to our children.